Point Park University

Elmer B. Burger II, AIA, LEED BD&C, University Architect/Planner, Chairman University Sustainability Committee
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The Climate Initiative at Point Park
As a member of the Higher Education Climate Consortium, Point Park is committed to aligning its campus practices with the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative. Its programs and policies are in the beginning phases, and features are described below.

LEED Gold Dance Complex

Educational Initiatives & Outreach
Department of Natural Sciences & Engineering Technology

Emissions Inventory
Point Park is discussing plans to conduct an emissions inventory, but does not yet have a timeline on the project. The University is working to establish a committee that will address climate change and environmental issues.

Energy: Efficiency, Conservation, and Alternative
The University has performed lighting retrofits across its existing buildings. An energy management system has also been installed to perform cutbacks in non-academic buidlings during low occupancy times.

Recycling and Waste Management
Point Park has an established recycling program infrastructure, including bins on every floor of its academic buildings The University participates in the Recylemania program.

Buildings and Ground
A new Dance Complex is Point Park University’s , achieving LEED Gold certification. All new construction will be done with LEED guidelines for certification.  The University is committed to using best practice such as green cleaning and low- or no-VOC paints in all of its buildings.

While Point Park offers a shuttle service from outlying parking areas to the Point Park University Playhouse in Oakland, the program has been minimally successful. The University has not yet taken steps to encourage carpooling, bicycling, public transit, or alternative fuels.

Student Alliance for Vitalizing Earth  – SAVE