Art Institute of Pittsburgh

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The Climate Initiative at the Art Institute
As a member of the Higher Education Climate Consortium, the Art Institute of Greater Pittsburgh is committed to aligning its campus practices with the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative. Its programs and policies are still developing, and features are described below.

Educational Initiatives & Outreach
The mission of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is to provide distinctive creative and collegiate education, based on a foundation of exemplary learning-centered practices, endowing graduates with skills, abilities, and competencies that enable them to achieve personal and professional success in an evolving global market.  Our mission drives AiP’s programs and practices and serves as the foundation for evaluating our college’s effectiveness.

Emissions Inventory
The Art Institute of Greater Pittsburgh is a new member of HECC and plans to begin a campus emissions inventory in the next year.

Energy: Efficiency, Conservation, and Alternative
Energy conservation is a priority at the Art Institute. Equipment and lighting is routinely upgraded to conserve electricity, and the Institute is considering alternative energy sources in future construction. One such upgrade will be to install motion sensor devices to control lighting.

Recycling and Waste Management
Students, staff, and faculty are committed to recycling their waste at the Art Institute. In addition, our facility outsources recycling agencies for paper, glass, plastic, fluorescent lighting, as well as any chemical compounds used in the education process.

Buildings and Grounds
Our goal is to reduce the amount of water used by installing low flow shower heads in our student housing.  We also have temperature control devices on domestic water in the college.

The Art Institute promotes student use of public transit, and educates the campus community on the value of bicycle and public transit.

The Common Thread, an annual publication detailing students’ service to their communities.